Still very young, this blog is an embryo of an homepage while i don't have the tools, time and knowledge to create it.
Feel free to participate.
I expose some of my drafts, texts in portuguese, thoughts and modeling pieces and in the future photo-drafts.
While a translation is not available (perhaps at the end of the year, Google will have a solution for translating pages) feel free to enjoy and comment (intervenções) at least the visual themes.

I'll give you some keywords:

INTERVENÇÕES <=> comments
ARTIGO A SOLO = individual article

ARTIGOS FIXOS = permanent articles
Brevemente = soon
FONTE DE ESTUDO = source for study
CULTURAIS = culture
AMIGOS = friends (blog)

PENDENTES <=> newer articles
RASCUNHOS = drafts
POEMAS = poems
ESCULTURA = sculpture


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